Sweet Dreams Newborn

Getting Ready for Baby

maternityThere are few life experiences more exciting than becoming a parent.  However, caring for a newborn can be very challenging, especially when there are so many experts with conflicting advice to follow or what your baby really needs. If you are about to become a new mom and you have reason to think you may end up getting overwhelmed, get pro-active and set up a proper plan of action before your newborn comes home.

Baby Reuse and Recycle

newborn optionsShopping for your baby can beat first.  But when you itemize what the really need, how much everything will cost, and the amount of resources that went into making it, you may reconsider buying new. By choosing gently used secondhand strollers, carriers, baby furniture, and baby clothes, you can save resources and trim your budget. Be sure to check for recalls on the products.  Some things, such as car seats, should never be bought used unless they can be inspected and checked by a professional.

Slumber, Naps, and Nods

SleepSleep researcher and pediatrician Marc Weissbluth says the falling-asleep process is something  kids learn and that parents can help them develop healthy habits. It’s not natural for  children to be irritable and cranky at the end of the day – instead, it’s a sign that they
need more sleep. To that end, he suggests earlier bedtimes and more daytime sleep. His book  includes detailed advice on how to accomplish this and age-by-age guidelines for your child’s  sleep. The Sears family’s approach to sleep is rooted in “attachment-style parenting,” which  emphasizes a close bond between parent and child through nursing, carrying your baby in a sling, and sleep-sharing. They advocate a gentle, nurturing approach to bedtime.

Experts and Lessons Learned

baby learningWe are working to become a trusted newborn and baby site, provide the information new parents want want, to be a valuable resource for baby milestones. To give back through causes that support women and children. Recommend information from the American Academy of Pediatrics about children’s sleep and sleep problems.